• Lifelong Faith Formation


    All that we do together in our parish to form our lifelong faith is centered around one teacher and one method.  That teacher is Jesus and his method is the way in which he formed and taught his first disciples, his apprentices.  And so it is with us.  He shows us 4 steps in a natural order which keep cycling over and over, every day, throughout our lives:

    First, Jesus gently invites us to "Come and See" - to come close to him, just as we are.  When we do this, we don't just learn about him; we learn to be with him and we come to know how much he loves us.  We naturally respond with love and a desire to make changes in our lives.
    (John 1:39)

    Next, Jesus says "Follow Me".  We are never alone as he accompanies each of us in a gradual and deeper relationship with the Blessed Trinity and each other.  We do this through the sacraments and in community.  It is also a time of develop a mature conscience and to exercise our freedom to choose to live as Catholic Christians in all areas and aspects of our lives.  (Matthew 9:9)

    Then, Jesus says "Remain in Me".  As we say "yes" and grow closer to Jesus, he draws us deeper into our church and larger community; it's what St. Paul calls the Body of Christ.  Jesus shows us that community is necessary. Sometimes this is a very different message from the one which we often hear in our very individualistic culture.
    (John 15:4-5)

    And finally, Jesus commands us to "Go and Make Disciples of All Nations".  Jesus appoints us to be his disciples, not simply to teach what we have come to know but to live what we have come to believe, and to invite and support others in this mission.  The Holy Spirit is living at our side every single day to love, enlighten, strengthen, and free us.
    (Matthew 28:19)                  (Adapted from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Living as Missionary Disciples)