Welcome to Lifelong Faith Formation at the Parish of the Holy Eucharist. You have
 arrived at our 2016-17 registration form for children and teens, grades K-12. Together,
 let us have a fun and meaningful year as we invite God's presence into our lives! Visit
 our website (www.pothe.org) to learn more about our ministries.

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Instructions   This registration form will allow you to view all the various offerings which we described in a letter that you
  recently received from our office: K-6 weekly sessions, Sacramental preparation (SPARK & FLAME),
  Discipleship (Gr. 7-8 & 9-12), and Whole Family Formation (6 two-hour sessions throughout the year) at our
  4 churches. Please call us at 553-7042 if you did not receive this important letter. Please carefully review
  and select the option which will best suit your family needs. In addition to the required fields on this form,
  please complete the other fields as thoroughly as possible. The added information is useful to us throughout
  the year. A complete calendar of dates for each offering is posted on our website, under Lifelong Faith
  A few key points regarding this form:
  • Our churches: HM (Holy Martyrs in Falmouth), SH (Sacred Heart in Yarmouth), SG (St. Gregory in
  Gray), SJ (St. Jude in Freeport)
  • We are required to lead an annual, age-appropriate, safety lesson for all children and teens (Think
  First, Stay Safe). To give your permission for your child(ren) to attend this session, please choose that title
  in the class list area of this form.
  • Occasionally, parish events are photographed and posted on the bulletin, website, or parish
  Facebook page. Most photos are taken within group settings and for security reasons, we will not identify a
  minor by name. To give permission to photograph your child, please choose yes by the Photo option.
  Thank you!!

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